Quickly build wireframes using our unique wireframing tools 

Wireframes should be created quickly and easily collaborated around, so you can make the right decisions and move to the next stage of the process. Our wireframe templates, toolkit, fonts, and native iRise functionality allows you to do just that.



Free Wireframe Toolkit for Fast Iteration

Using the free toolkit to quickly build mobile or website wireframes, and create your own templates and widget libraries along the way (as easy as right-click>save as widget). A huge time saver and productivity booster.

Wireframe Toolkit by iRise

Go from wireframe to prototype with a font change and a few clicks

iRise won't make you waste time rebuilding your wireframes from scratch when you need to increase the fidelity. The two wireframe fonts that are built into iRise allow you use your wireframes as a starting point for your hi-fi mockups. Then just double-click to replace your wireframe placeholders with real images.

Wireframe Font for Fast Website and Mobile Mockups

Interactions and animations bring your mobile and web wireframes to life

Your wireframes can include interactions and animations

Sometimes you might want to include interactions and functionality in your mockups.  With iRise you can add navigation, media, rich interactions, business logic, and sample data for a true app experience.  

Drag in sketches and build wireframes on top of them

Drag your whiteboard sketches or image files into iRise and it will automatically create pages for you. Then you can use them as a basis for your wireframes or prototypes.

Tip: New iterations of images are automatically updated when dropped into the project.


Wireframe Library Creation

Create your own wireframe libraries

Our templates and toolkit can provide a great start, but the reality is that every project is different and you'll probably need to create layouts unique to your app.  That's where the ability to create custom libraries is so helpful. Just select your new widget(s), right-click and save them to your library. Now you and the entire team can reuse them.

Capture feedback on your Wireframes

Capture user stories & requirements Alongside the screens they describe

Instead of just reading requirements and user stories, stakeholders using iRise will experience them. They can then document and give feedback directly within the mockup. It's efficient and creates true understanding.

Requirement Management Tools in iRise

integrated user story & requirements management

Wireframes and prototypes alone aren't enough. You need to integrate them with traditional text-based requirements. iRise requirements management uses a simple Trello-like interface and supports any style project. 


Mobile Device Review

Create realistic mobile prototypes and run them directly on the iPhone or iPad. You can also use the built in emulators to preview in the browser.

Interactions Data and Logic.png

Real-time Collaboration

Teams can work on the same screens at the same time, and see each others changes and feedback as it’s made. No worrying about checking in and out. 


iRise Support.png

Amazing Integrations

Fully automated, real-time synchronization among the tools used by your software development and delivery teams. 

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