Import Webpages to Jump-Start Your Work.
Fast, Easy, and Exclusive to iRise.

Our Web Importer tool allows you to import already published web pages as the basis of your prototypes. Instead of rebuilding them from scratch, you can import pages into iRise with just a few clicks. It can literally turn hours of work into a few minutes.


How fast? This fast!


Watch this quick preview of how the iRise Web Importer plug-in works

Interactions and animations bring your mobile and web wireframes to life

Import as real widgets or as one single image

You have two options - import a webpage as a single image (great for adding hotspots and simple prototyping), or you can import as individual widgets. Importing as widgets allows you to edit them just as if the page was created using iRise. You can format and edit content text, create interactivity and logic, replace images, and build new functionality. 

Quickly build functionality on top of your imports

Whether it's adding hotspots, partial UX redesigns, or form-driven interactivity, you can use your imports as a basis for your work.  

You might have an existing corporate website or internal app that you need to build upon. With the iRise Web Importer, there's now no reason to rebuild from scratch. Just a few clicks and go!

Wireframe Font for Fast Website and Mobile Mockups

Use Importer to help build your own custom libraries

Creating custom libraries are a power part of the iRise platform. They allow you to never have to build a widget more than once. With web importer, you may never have to build a widget even once. Often there are existing assets already created and published that can make the basis of your prototypes. If so, you can import those pages into iRise, and then right-click any widget to save it to your custom library.  

Use Importer to build custom templates

Although iRise includes some nice free templates, the reality is that you're likely to have existing designs that you'd like to use as a template for your future work.  Now you can import those designs and right-click on the screen to save it as a template. That makes them available to the entire team for reuse.  You can also save alternate designs along the way as you modify your imports. 

Webpage Prototype Importer - Save as Template v2.gif

The iRise Advantage

iRise offers a suite of unique functionality that separates it from other prototyping tools.


Responsive Done Right

Simple, intuitive tools let you create screens that respond to screen size and device type.


iRise combines responsive prototyping with "in-context" requirements gathering and drag and drop requirements management tools.  

iRise Support.png

Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi

Use unique fonts, tools and libraries to quickly go from wireframes to hi-fi prototypes.


Teams can work on the same screens at the same time, and see each others changes as they happen. No checking in and out headaches. 

Install the Web Importer Chrome plugin and get started

iRise Webpage Importer Chrome plugin is free to use, and works exclusively with iRise 11.2.2 and above. If you're not already using iRise, click here to start a free trial so you can test out Web Importer (and all the other cool stuff iRise does).