Empower the entire team to build like the pros

Along with the speed that using iRise libraries provides, one of the biggest benefits is that it empowers everyone with drag-and-drop assets that they can use to build amazing iRise prototypes.  The content can originate from past projects or UX teams, but once it’s part of an iRise library, everyone can now leverage it.

The benefits

Re-usable iRise asset libraries enforce design standards, empowers team members to focus on their competence and accelerates the entire software definition and design process.

1.  Speed

First, by using this service you’ll benefit from the speed at which your experts can help build your library.  Then your team will benefit from the speed at which they can create in iRise.  And when the NEXT project kicks-off, you’ve got a huge head start!

2.  Standardization & Governance

Asset Libraries allow you and/or your UX team to ensure that the assets being used followed the appropriate pattern libraries and style guides.  So you know everyone is using the right assets that follow company branding and standards.

3.  Empowerment

Business Analysts and Product Owners generally don’t want to be designers.  Giving them the drag-and-drop assets they need allows them to focus on defining and validating the app that is envisioned.  It empowers them to design like pros using project-specific, standardized project, page and widget templates and masters that have been created.


Let's get started

Every company has its own unique unique branding and UX standards.  Ensuring they’re used by all team members through the use libraries not only makes your prototypes accurate reflections of the final app, but it also supplies your IT team with a blueprint for what to build. ontact us at services@irise.com if you have more questions or you’re ready to get started.