iRise Express Service

From Idea to Prototype in 2 Days for $995

It’s hard to explain a new software concept to potential customers, users or even investors. Text, sketches and diagrams fail to convey the power of an idea. You need a functional prototype that conveys the look and feel of your application—before your app exists. Whether you lack the time, tools or design expertise, iRise Express will turn a sketched idea into functional prototype for you—within 48 hours.


Time waits for no one

In a global, connected marketplace, even brief hesitations or delays can mean the missing a window of opportunity  or being beaten by a competitor. Let iRise experts quickly turn your ideas into a working prototype you can test and demonstrate, even on your iPhone or iPad.  The impact is dramatic:

  • Accelerate time-to-market and extend your competitive advantage.
  • Quickly validate ideas and business requirements to ensure the first version of the application is the right version.
  • Let users, investors, and employees test-drive an interactive prototype of your mobile or desktop app long before development begins.
  • Help secure budget or investment funding for new initiatives.

iRise Express lets you focus on defining the best app instead of mastering new design and development tools. Develop your idea before the market shifts and you miss the opportunity.


How does it work?  Easy as 1-2-3

1.  Send us information about your idea: documentation, sketches, current prototypes or mockups . We’ll review and then set up a meeting to discuss the details with you. Then we’ll get started!

2.  Using the iRise platform and your vision, our team will create an interactive prototype. iRise offers real-time collaboration, so you and your team can see the prototype as we build it, and provide feedback in real-time, all using your browser. Loop in other team members by sharing a web link.

3.  Once complete, the simulation is yours.  It will live on the iRise cloud for 60 days so you can make changes yourself if you’d like, and share your prototype with anyone using a simple web link. We’ll also give it to you as HTML and an exported iRise iDoc, which can be used for offline review, or imported later into iRise, or to kick-start the development process

Paul Swiencicki
VP of Sales and Customer Success

"For some time I’ve had an idea for an innovative web-based B2B lead-generation app.  After a quick introductory conversation, I decided to move forward with the iRise Express service.

In a very short amount of time, the concept and vision for my app was turned into a highly interactive and effective prototype that people could immediately understand.  The ah-ha moment I had was that it’s not just the final prototype that’s valuable.  It’s also the process you go through to get it built.  Forcing me to talk someone through the idea, and think through all of the screen flow and interaction details  uncovered a number of problems, and more importantly, new ideas that were ultimately incorporated.  A few iterations later, the prototype was spot on, and better than I originally envisioned.

I now have a working prototype of my idea — something potential users, partners, and investors can experience and validate.  I can now hand the final prototype and requirements over to a development team, and work with iRise again if the scope of my app expands further. 

I highly recommend the iRise Express service to all product managers and entrepreneurs who need to get their web or mobile app to market asap." 



Our consultants are experts at prototyping with the iRise platform, and will offer helpful feedback regarding content, design and feasibility.  And we take security and your intellectual property seriously; we will not share your information with any other individuals or organizations (email us if you’d like to preview the terms and conditions).

Email us at to get started.