Security starts from design and is an ongoing investment

It never ends!  The moment you think you are secure, an adversary figures out a new scheme or vulnerability to achieve some nefarious objective.  We invest a lot of time, brain power and energy to train, design, build, monitor and apply daily discipline to security at all levels.  Your intellectual property and personally identifiable information is as important to us as ours.

When it comes to the cloud, we have hired some sharp shooters and have gone further than is necessary.  We'd be more than happy to talk with you about your specific concerns.  

Click here to download our Security Overview PDF and learn more.

The centralized Definition Center is configurable to use SAML (ADFS) which provides Single Sign-On and Two Factor Authentication.  Definition Center can easily be hooked up to any number of monitoring systems.   We will walk you through the encryption in transit and at rest as well as provide you options for backups, fail over and recovery.