Prototyping Mobile Apps

iRise provides the tools you need to quickly create immersive mobile and tablet prototypes, and then you show your users exactly how the new app will look and act before coding.

  • Test-drive your prototypes on device using the iRise app or in your browser using device emulators
  • Gestures and transitions make the experience real and the feedback accurate
  • Add and review requirements on device!  In-context and on the go feedback.
  • Shared libraries make it easy for anyone to assemble screens from pre-built templates and UI elements

You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to define and design amazing phone, tablet and watch apps.  See more details below.


Review online or on-device

When “test-driving” the iRise simulations you can view them online in the browser or directly on-device using the free iRise mobile app.   When viewing mobile sims in the browser, device emulators, complete with virtual keyboard, gestures and momentum scrolling, provide a rich and realistic mobile experience.

The iRise mobile app, available for free on iTunes, allows you run your iPhone and iPad sims on-device for a true mobile experience.


Prototype + Siri = Requirements

You can capture requirements for each screen mobile screen directly on-device using the mobile app.  Since requirements are in context of the mobile screens they describe, they’re much easier for stakeholders to consume and understand.

You can even use Siri to help!


Gestures, animations & transitions make it real

iRise supports mobile gestures like swipe, long press, pinch, rotate, and orientation change.  You can also create amazing animations and all the familiar transitions you’d expect to see.  This allows you to make your mobile prototypes, whether run using the browser-based emulators or running them directly on your mobile device, incredibly realistic.


The Tools to Jumpstart your Mobile Prototypes

Custom page types set the stage

Setting a custom page type for iPhone, Android, Windows and tablets will provide the correct page size and simulate your prototype using the corresponding device emulator.



Shared libraries speed and simplify

Shared mobile libraries make it quick and easy for anyone to assemble screens from pre-built templates, icons, interactive widgets and UI elements that teams can customize.



Drag n drop custom UI widgets

iBloc are self-contained widgets providing complex functionality by simply dragging them into your project.  From Google Maps to iPhone components to data, they’re as powerful as they are easy to use.

iRise Free Trials Now Include Apple Watch SimKit!

Along with the free desktop and mobile libraries you can use to jump-start your iRise prototypes, iRise now includes the Apple Watch SimKit.  Click the button below to start a free trial on your own, or we can provide your team with a custom demo.