Quickly build responsive website and mobile prototypes

Before painstakingly documenting hundreds or thousands of written requirements, capture your requirements visually with an interactive prototype. Prototyping helps you engage business stakeholders, engineers, and end users so you get the feedback you need. Then capture requirements in context of the prototype.

Finally - simple responsive prototyping

You'll use a set of WYSIWYG icons to set the responsive behavior for widgets that require it. Just select the alignment and margins you'd like, and that widget will behave accordingly. No coding or complex equations - just set it and go!

Breakpoints in iRise allow you to adjust the content of your prototypes depending on the size of your browser window. Combine breakpoints with widgets responsive behaviour, and you can take control of how your prototypes behave. 

From lo-fi wireframes to hi-fi prototypes

With iRise you pick the fidelity level. You can create lo-fi wireframes to help sketch out process flow, hot-spot driven prototypes that provide more fidelity and interaction, or hi-fi apps that include data and logic which will mirror the final application you intend to build. We don’t limit your creativity or innovation!

 Create both wireframes and hi-fi software prototypes

 Amazing interactions and animations bring your mobile and web prototypes alive

Interactions and animations

Applications are engaging and interactive experiences. If you want your requirements to be accurate, then the experience you give users during requirements gathering needs to mirror that experience. Add navigation, media, rich interactions, business logic, and sample data for a true app experience.  

It’s only when people actually interact with a prototype that you uncover design flaws, requirements gaps, and usability errors.

Real data and logic

Choose from a wide range of data operations to create prototypes that behave and respond like a real application. Validate a login attempt, search a catalogue, sort a dynamic list, process an order, calculate a total, and more…all without a line of code.

 Use real data and logic in your prototyping tool

Global prototyping asset libraries

Assemble prototypes from a large collection of templates, media, icons, branded UI elements, interactive widgets, and more. You can also customize these libraries to suit your needs or create your own.

Go mobile with mobile libraries, touch events, and on-device review

Create realistic mobile prototypes of smartphone, tablet, and Apple Watch apps that look and act like the real thing from a full library of mobile UI controls. Run prototypes directly on the iPhone or iPad with our free iRise mobile app.

 Mobile prototypes - from iPhone and iPad to even Apple Watch