Integrate our Prototyping Tool with Jira, Azure Devops, and the Other Top ALM Platforms


iRise integrations provide fully automated, real-time synchronization among the tools used by your software development and delivery teams, including Jira, Microsoft Azure Devops (formerly TFS), and many others. Establish full traceability from user stories, requirements, and design specifications, to development tasks, tests, and defects. Everyone has real-time access to updates, no matter which tool they use.

Watch this video to see the integrations in action:


Supported Platforms


These integrations are included in most Enterprise plans. If you don't see your platform listed, contact us. Integration support can be expanded to more than 30 other platforms.


Why integrate?


With iRise you can bring the power of prototyping to the tools you already use. User stories automatically link directly to an interactive prototype of it in iRise, giving developers a complete picture of what to build and testers a better understanding of how to test. 

No more mistakes caused by old or incomplete information. No more delayed communication, long disjointed email threads, or development rework caused by the ambiguity of text-based descriptions. 


Provide end-to-end traceability through real-time sync

Real-time sync updates all attribute and related changes as they happen - so from concept, to requirements and design, to development and QA, everyone is looking at the same accurate information. 


Text isn't enough! Don't tell developers how to implement with them

Having the link back to an interactive prototype of the user story allows the team experience it - so they can see all the associated interactions, validate it, and develop with confidence.


Connect and collaborate with every team on the project- No More Silos

The reality is that every team tends to have their own unique tools, which makes collaboration a challenge.  The iRise connector allows conversations and @mentions to happen in real-time between your tools and teams.


Build a happier team, end rework, and hit your targets

The combination of prototype-driven requirements (as opposed to text only that people hate to read) and increased collaboration has proven to virtually eliminate rework and bring projects in on-time.