Enterprise grade security

Enterprise-grade security

The security of your data is paramount. All iRise data centers comply with SOC1 / ISAE 3402, SOC2, SOC3 and ISO 9001 and operating systems are hardened to NSA specifications.

Flexible deployment options

In addition to our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, iRise offers on-premises deployment for companies that prefer to install, manage and maintain their own iRise installation behind their corporate firewall. Our flexible deployment options let you manage your software in the way that best suits your IT organization’s needs. Whether locally installed or hosted in our data center, you can be certain that your information is safe and secure.

SaaS requirements management tools or on premise - you choose.

Cloud security - keep you data and requirements safe

World-class Cloud security

Today many companies want the increased business flexibility and cost reductions that the cloud can offer.  iRise offers these benefits to all our customers, and we take it very seriously.

From small businesses to the largest Fortune 500 Enterprises, customers trust the iRise cloud infrastructure when collaborating to define and design their applications.

  • World-class data centers

  • Automated backups

  • Industry-standard network protection procedures

  • Regular updates and patch management

  • System integrity protection

  • Data privacy and sharing security

  • Authentication and access control

  • Data encryption – in transit & at rest

We realize it’s an ongoing and ever-changing landscape. The job of securing our products and infrastructure is never done.



Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication

Support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) enables single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). If a user leaves your company, you can simply delete the user’s corporate identity, which then also revokes access to iRise. And of course, users only need to remember one username and password.

Company-wide administration

An important part of managing large software projects is giving the right people the right access level to the right data.  iRise gives companies easy-to-use tools to manage users, monitor projects, set sharing permissions, and gain critical insights with analytics and activity logging.


Enterprise administration

Automated backups so your web and mobile prototypes are safe

Automated backups and revisions

Set up automatic revision tracking to so you can see what’s changed over time. You can even compare any two revisions to see exactly what’s changed both in the prototype and requirements. Revision tracking gives you peace of mind that your project information is safe and accessible long after it’s been updated.

A set of open APIs to enhance and extend the iRise platform

Every company has a different set of data, and a different way of analyzing it so they can make critical business decisions based on it. iRise provides its customers with an open API so they can build customized reports.

Custom requirements reporting

Custom requirements reporting

JIRA prototyping integrations

Seamless ALM Integration

Whether your process is Agile, Waterfall, or a hybrid development processes, iRise fits perfectly into the process.  We help teams move away from imprecise user stories or heavily documented handoffs to a process based on rapid, collaborative prototyping that engages everyone in the process from the beginning.

Powerful requirements analytics

Monitor progress and manage the process with powerful analytics

iRise gives you the tracking and metrics you need to quantify team performance and improve the overall process. Project activity and user analytics can offer insight into productivity, predictability, and quality.

Google analytics integration

Customizable utilities for Microsoft® Excel and Google® Docs

You can use the tools you know to analyze and explore your data. Customizable utilities for Microsoft® Excel and Google® Docs puts your iRise activity data into pivot tables and charts. Find out which projects are most active, whether or not stakeholders have seen specific pages, author activity, and much, much more. You can customize the data to find answers that are most important to you.

User management console

Monitor the review cycle

See which screens and requirements in your prototype are “at risk” due to stakeholder neglect.  You pick a time frame, the stakeholders you care about, and the screens that matter.  You can see who has and hasn’t reviewed each screen during the given time frame.

Live customer service and support

Making our customers successful is a core value, which is why we invest so many resources toward empowering our Customer Support team. Contact our Enterprise Support team by phone for personalized and convenient support.

Live customer support

Global professional services

Professional services

Our Professional Services team offers a wide range of services such as training, mentoring, staff augmentation and adoption planning to makes sure you and your team is off to a flying start.