Teams work in real-time

iRise was designed from the ground up to support secure, global collaboration. With iRise distributed teams can work on the same projects and screens at the same time, and see each other's changes and feedback live.  


Real collaboration around the best prototyping and requirements tool

Collaborate and publish your comments

Publish and share instantly online for honest, actionable feedback

Share projects securely with team members, colleagues, and clients. Stakeholders can comment directly on requirements, screens, and individual UI elements so you get the feedback you need. These comments are also displayed in our requirements management tools, so you can continue the conversation there.


iRise User Card - Slack and Skype Integration.jpg

Seamlessly integrate Slack and Skype into your workflow 

In iRise, the top toolbar shows you which project team members are online or off, and you'll have a number of ways to message them. Activate the Slack integration to get started.  Want to Slack or Skype someone - just click the icon on their contact card and message away! Learn more.

At mentions all for easy conversations

Bring everyone into the conversation

Make sure everyone on every team is on the same page. When you have a question or need clarification, you can add comments and start discussions. Email notifications are sent to all subscribers and @mentions so issues are resolved quickly.

Bonus feature: Collaboration functionality carries over to the tools you integrate with iRise, like JIRA or Microsoft TFS. So you can extend conversations to your dev and testing teams as well. 


Export project to share and review offline

You can also download projects to share offline. Using the free iRise Reader app, stakeholders can then review your iRise projects and add comments so you get the feedback you need no matter where they are (or traveling to.)

Share your prototypes and wireframes online or off

Integrate your prototypes and requirements with JIRA, Microsoft TFS and other ALM tools.

Establish traceability across the full software lifecyle with built-in ALM connectors 

iRise connectors provide fully automated, real-time synchronization among the tools used by your software development and delivery teams. Establish full traceability from user stories, requirements, and design specifications, to development tasks, tests, and defects.

Learn more about integrations »

Guided reviews

Guide your stakeholders through projects with ease. Set up user scenarios with step-by-step instructions for each task, so stakeholders always know where to click and what information to enter. You can also track which of your stakeholders have reviewed which screens of the prototype.

Guided stakeholder reviews