The Audit tab allows you to review activity for a particular project, screen or requirement/story.  For example, you can determine when someone made changes to a page in your prototype, or deleted one.  You can also view how a requirement's title, description, priority, release date or any other property value has changed over time. This field-level activity history can be helpful in meeting corporate Compliance as well as Regulatory needs.

Along with the Project, Screen and Requirement filters, you can also filter by Activity Date and User (see image below):

iRise Audit Trail Filtering Example with Dates and User Name.gif

Project-level history

Selecting the Audit tab when no screen or requirement card is open will show activity history for the entire project.

To help enable quick scanning, the event icons displayed for each change are color coded (see image).


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Requirement and User Story history

Clicking the Audit tab while editing a specific requirement, user story or issue will show its activity history.

Changes previously made to the Description field are shown in a color-coded "track changes" format (see image).

Prototyping screen history

Selecting the Audit tab while editing a prototype page shows that screen's activity history.

The changes tracked include page reviews, text value changes, additions & deletions, and the creation of interactive actions.

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