Download iRise Mobile

Download iRise Mobile

iRise mobile app

Test drive your mobile application prototypes, give feedback and create new pages directly on your iPad and iPhone.  The iRise iOS app allows anyone (for free) to see prototypes, comments and requirements, directly on their own iOS device. The prototype will give the full experience as if it is the actual application you are designing.

You can also go from Photo to Proto!  Take pictures of sketches or whiteboards and they will get added as pages in the prototype. 


iRise Reader

iRise interactive documents, or iDocs, provide the people you want with the ability to test drive new software – before coding ever begins. By installing the freely distributed iDoc Reader, anyone can interact with prototypes and review requirements either directly connected to Definition Center or while offline, shared by email, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Airdrop.  This means you can engage end users or even do test marketing – anytime, anywhere. 

Reader for iDocs created by iRise version 11.3.6 or older

Reader for iDocs created by iRise version 11.4

*PLEASE NOTE: If you attempt to open an 11.4 iDoc with 11.3.6 Reader, it will prompt you to download a newer version of Reader.

If you attempt to open an 11.3 or older iDoc with 11.4 Reader, you will be given the choice to download the correct version of Reader OR update your iDoc to 11.4. If you choose to update the iDoc, it can no longer be opened by any Definition Center below 11.4.  Please contact support if need further clarification. 

iRise Reader is supported on Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server 2012) and Mac OS X (10.9-10.11)

iRise Studio

The iRise Studio is available from the Downloads menu in Definition Center once logged in using your browser.  iRise Studio is a powerful and, admittedly,  somewhat complex desktop client that can create fully fledged, data rich and powerful prototypes.  We are delivering easier to use functionality than Studio in the browser, directly in Definition Center with our recent addition of Editor.  Watch this space on our Product Updates.


iBlocs are custom user interface controls and behaviors that can be used in your iRise simulations. They're as powerful as they are easy to use. Simply drag iBlocs from the Widget Panel in iRise Studio. Developers can even build their own custom iBlocs.