Webinar Replay: Introducing Responsive Prototyping with iRise

Today’s applications need to perform optimally on many different devices and screen sizes. So do your prototypes. iRise now provides a unique set of tools that lets you easily build and test responsive prototypes.

During this webinar you'll learn how to build fluid and dynamic layouts that respond to browser size and device type. You'll also learn how to use breakpoints to modify, show/hide, or navigate. You can download the Breakpoint iBloc mentioned during the webinar here:


  • New WYSIWYG icons set relative positioning using any edge or corner
  • Learn about using percentages instead of pixels
  • Combine fluid layouts with breakpoints to optimize your designs
  • Create responsive widgets libraries and templates
  • We'll cover a few tips and tricks

Presenter: Dominic Infante
Customer Success at iRise