New in iRise 11.1.7: Smart Guides, Zooming, B&W Mode and more...

It’s been an amazing 2016.  So to wrap it up with a bow, our final release of the year focused on some great usability and collaboration improvements that our customers asked for.  We hope they will put a little extra cheer in your new year. 

Watch the video below for a very quick preview of them all in action. You'll also find a list of the new goodies. 

Smart Guides
Now when you add or move an item on the page, guides will appear to help you quickly align and snap items where you want them.

Improved Canvas Zoom
Need to do a little pixel pushing? You'll now have a traditional canvas zoom option on the toolbar plus new shortcuts. 

Click-to-highlight Interactive Areas
Easily show what areas of the page are interactive You'll have on, off, and a dead-click option (this is cool!). 

Black and White Preview Mode
Sometimes you want reviewers to focus on functionality and not design. This is a great way to ensure they do (a great compliment to your wireframes). 

Improved Comment and Requirement Associations
Now you'll see a badge on all widgets that have associated comments and requirements. 

Feel free to fire up a chat (bottom right corner icon) if you have any questions.