Custom widgets, enhanced collaboration, and more

We’ve got some exciting new functionality coming soon, and want to give you a sneak peek at what's headed your way. These improvements allow you and your team to work and collaborate more efficiently, quickly and accurately.

Enhanced user profiles and messaging

You'll soon be better able to see who you're collaborating with in iRise, similar to the way you can in Google Docs.  The profile picture of all other users currently working in the project you’re in will appear in the tool bar.  You'll have different messaging options available, along with other contact info, so you can get in touch quickly.

Create and use your own custom UI components in the web-based editor

iRise is the only tool that allows you to develop and use custom widgets (called iBlocs). These are powerful, functionally-rich UI components that you can drag-and-drop into your iRise prototypes, and they'll soon be supported in our new web-based Editor.

 The Google Map iBloc

The Google Map iBloc

We already supply a collection free iBlocs — such as Google Map, x, y, and many others -- for download here.  Or build your own!  Create widgets that conform to Bootstrap, Google Material Design, or your own design standards. Use the iBloc API to convert/wrap existing Javascript components or free open source libraries like jQuery, and then drop them into your iRise prototypes! 

You'll be able to adjust the properties of your iBlocs in the same way as native widgets.

iBlocs dramatically reduce the time required to assemble prototypes using complex interactions or industry-specific business logic and behaviors. 

Improved Navigation

We're simplifying the way you navigate the platform.  You’ll be able to quickly jump between editing, reviewing and sharing your project using the re-designed and unified user interface.


But wait, there's more...

There are other changes that you should know about:

  • (Available now) Font face preview: In Editor the font-family selector now displays the actual font face, so you preview your choices and make better decisions.
  • (Available now) Enhanced "Select all" shortcut keys:
    • Use Cmd+A / Ctrl+A shortcut key for “select all” children of the selected elements.
    • Use Cmd+Shift+A / Ctrl+Shift+A to retain the original section while selecting all children.
  • (Available now) Wrap in container: Another great enhancement that will speed prototype creation. You'll be able to select multiple widgets and wrap them in a container using the right-click menu. 
  • (Coming soon) Copy formatting option: Have a button or other widget you like and want to copy the formatting for? Soon you'll be able to copy and paste the formatting from one widget to another.

We've got many more enhancements coming soon (thanks to our amazing design and engineering team). We'll let you know as soon as these features are released so you can test them out for yourself.

Stay tuned...