Lotus F1 Brings Better Software to the Track with iRise

Lotus F1 Brings Better Software to the Track with iRise

In the world of Formula One, getting the right information to the team can mean the difference between a World Championship or disappointment. In the fast paced video above, Lotus F1 Team IT Director Graeme Hackland shares his team’s IS Strategy, the issues they faced defining and building the right applications, and how iRise helps them get the right software to their team. Graeme describes how they accelerated innovation with the speed and agility needed to win races.

Adolf Allesch on Innovation Using iRise

Adolf Allesch, the former Chief Innovation Architect of IBM’s SAP practice, recently sat down to discuss the tough issues a Systems Integrator faces and how iRise proved to be the biggest differentiator he found during his 25 years in the business. The topics Adolf addresses include innovating around SAP, the key to reducing costs through offshore, the right way to deliver enhancements, the essential pieces of a successful Center of Excellence, and the importance of giving true custom demos. He also recalls some amazing success stories.

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