New Resizable Requirements and User Story Panel

The Requirements and User Story panel in Manager can now be expanded to provide a "full size" document view of the requirement’s description or collapsed into a compact view of the requirement’s details.

Card View - Full Screen.gif

The expanded view makes it much easier to work on large, complex requirements and stories, while the compact view allows you to quickly scan through and review multiple cards. 

Pair the flexible card resizing with the custom views and filters to optimize the Manager workspace throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Attachment Enhancements for User Story and Requirements

Sometimes, additional information is needed to support requirements or user stories in iRise – that’s why we have been enhancing the attachment functionality for user story and requirement cards.

All file types are supported for attachments – images, documents, spreadsheets, videos, etc – up to 20.5 MB.

For attached images and videos from within iRise – no downloads are required for review. Simply click the thumbnail of the image to view in full size or click the Play icon on the video thumbnail to play.


Multiple files can be attached to a single card at once. Either click to add attachments or drag and drop into the Attachments tab on a card.

drag and drop.gif

Attachments can be re-ordered and annotated - making it easier to communicate the purpose of an attachment and prioritize the important ones in the list.

reorder and annotate.gif


iRise Express: Let our experts do the prototyping for you in 48 hours

The iRise Express Service will turn a sketched idea into functional prototype for you—within 48 hours.

Our experts, versed in software design and the powerful iRise platform, talk with you about your sketches, designs or requirements docs. Then we iterate with you and in the end turn over the finished prototype.

iRise Express Service.jpg

For years, iRise has been making a powerful prototyping platform for experienced software teams. We help business analysts, product managers, designers, developers and business stakeholders evolve initial concepts into robust prototypes that quickly validate an idea, and give the developers something better than a 90-page requirements doc to code from.

But what about people who don’t have those professional resources? The garage-based entrepreneur who has an idea, but no design or software definition experience—and no time to learn prototyping tools? Picture how much better that pitch to a potential investor will go if you’re able to actually demonstrate how the app will work?

And what about business and IT leaders in large organizations whose team members are maxed out—but there’s still this great idea, the “innovation” the CEO is always calling for, if only someone could mock it up … Our team will deliver a crisp, interactive prototype that’ll help win the C-suite support needed to make the idea a reality.

See the iRise Express page for all the details.

Become Fluent in iRise Fast with Free Online Training Course

Learn the basics of interactive prototyping and requirements elicitation, validation, and collaboration using the iRise platform with our new On Demand iRise Basic Training course.

The course is perfect for new users looking to jumpstart their iRise experience or existing users wanting a refresher on the latest version of the iRise platform.

Free for everyone and available anytime and anywhere – you can complete the training at your own pace, as your schedule allows. Pause videos or re-watch any sections as many times as necessary for you to have a full understanding of the topic and successfully complete the hands-on exercises.

The course is divided into 10 video modules by topic:

  • iRise Overview and Quick Start (18:44 min)

  • Building Screens (23:10 min)

  • Promoting Reusability (13:48 min)

  • Building Basic Interactivity (17:55 min)

  • Capturing Requirements (5:00 min)

  • Facilitating Collaboration (15:56 min)

  • Building Dynamic Experiences (7:33 min)

  • Incorporating Data (30:11 min)

  • Enhancing Fidelity (19:16 min)

  • Managing Requirements (18:04 min)

For each module, there's a training portion that introduces the topic, followed by a set of hands-on exercises for you to complete along with the video. Modules should be completed in sequence as the hands-on exercises build on each other throughout the training. However, you don’t need to complete all modules in one sitting. Take your time and complete the training whenever and wherever works best for you.

Click here to learn more and get started.


New in iRise 11.5: Audit Trail

The new, field-level Audit Trail capability tracks both Requirement and Prototype changes. You can now easily review all activity for an iRise project.  Field-level activity history can also help meet corporate Compliance as well as Regulatory needs.

The new Audit tab (available once a project is open, located after the Play tab) shows a history of all activity for a particular project, screen or card, depending on context.

iRise Audit Trail Bar.png

For example, you can now easily determine when someone made changes to prototype screens, or deleted one.  Or how a requirement's title/description, priority, release date or any other property values have changed over time.

For quick scanning,  events are color coded: red = deleted, yellow = modified, green = created, blue = reviewed.

Activity history can be further filtered by activity date range and user.

When no screen or card is open, activity history for the entire project is shown:

Clicking on Audit while editing a (requirement/issue) card shows that card's activity history.  Changes to a card's description are shown in a color-coded "track changes" format:

iRise Audit Trail Card Level.png

Clicking on Audit while editing a screen shows that screen's activity history:


Guides Library Helps Annotate Your Prototypes

The Guides Library is a collection of reusable widgets built with the stakeholder experience in mind. These widgets allow for you to quickly and easily annotate your prototypes directly within Editor.

iRise Guide Library.png

The Guides Library includes widgets to provide walk-through notes, step-by-step instructions, help overlays, or project overviews that guide your stakeholders as they're reviewing/using a prototype in Player.

Check out this video and article to see how you can use the library in your prototypes:

New in iRise 11.3.6: Requirements in Editor, 1-Click Copy Link from Player, Requirements Link Shortcut

Here’s an overview of the new features released in 11.3.6

Requirements in Editor

Capture and reference requirements alongside the screens you’re prototyping! In the new Requirements panel in Editor you’ll find functionality that you’re already familiar with from Manager and Player. Click the + icon to add new requirements, click existing requirement cards to see the related widgets on your Editor Workspace, or double-click existing cards to access requirement details, related components, attachments, and comments.

Shortcuts to commonly used actions and referenced information are accessible from the related icons on the requirement cards. Click the pin icon to launch the new widget picker that allows you to select related widgets from the user interface or Outline panel. Please review this article for detailed instructions on creating and updating requirements in Editor.

Requirements in Editor v2.png

1-Click Copy Link from Player

While reviewing your project in Player, click the new link icon from the iRise toolbar to instantly copy the link to the screen you’re reviewing. Share the link with users with project permissions by pasting the link into internal messaging apps or email. Leverage the 1-click functionality to accelerate connecting your iRise screenshots to Jira issues with the free iRise Plug-in for Jira.

Add Requirement Shortcut

From Manager and Player, quickly add requirements by clicking the + icon at the top of any column of requirements.

Free Plug-in for Jira Now Available

iRise Plug-in for Jira is a free add-on to Jira Cloud that allows you to easily connect your iRise screenshots directly to Jira issues.  

Note: The plug-in does not work for privately-hosted/deployed instances of Jira (on premise, AWS, or any other private cloud hosting provider).


To install the iRise Plug-in for Jira add-on, you must be a Jira administrator.  

  1. From the Jira Dashboard, access Settings and select Add-ons > Find new add-ons to search the Atlassian Marketplace for the iRise Plug-in for Jira. (Or you can access the iRise Plug-in for Jira directly from the Atlassian Marketplace here)

  2. Click install and accept and install to confirm the installation of the iRise Plug-in for Jira.

Note: Once installed, the iRise Plug-in for Jira is available on all Jira issues. No additional configuration is required.

iRise for Jira_11.3.6.gif

Attach iRise screenshot to Jira issue

To attach an iRise screenshot to a Jira issue: 

  1. Copy the related prototype link from iRise Player: v11.3.6 and up: Click Copy Screen link (the link icon) from the iRise Toolbar.
    Pre-v11.3.6: Select More Actions (the gear icon) > Send link and copy the URL from the Link to Page dialog.

  2. Paste link into a Jira issue in the input field in the iRise section and click Attach Screen.

  3. Refresh the Jira issue. The iRise screen thumbnail will be added to the iRise section. Additional iRise project and screen information including Screen name, Project name, and Last Updated will be displayed as well.

Review iRise screenshot from Jira issue

To review attached iRise screenshots in Jira: 

  1. Open a Jira issue after an iRise screenshot has been attached.

  2. Navigate to the iRise section in the Jira issue. All users will see a thumbnail of the related iRise screenshot.

  3. Click the thumbnail to open an expanded view of the iRise screenshot.

Review iRise prototype from Jira issue

To launch the related iRise prototype in iRise Player from Jira: 

  1. Open a Jira issue after an iRise screenshot has been attached.

  2. Navigate to the iRise section in the Jira issue. All users will see a thumbnail of the related iRise screenshot.

  3. iRise users, with access to the related iRise project, can also click the Play project icon to directly launch iRise Player to review the prototype and contextual requirements and comments.

Edit iRise prototype from Jira issue

To launch the related iRise prototype in iRise Editor from Jira: 

  1. Open a Jira issue after an iRise screenshot has been attached.

  2. Navigate to the iRise section in the Jira issue.

  3. iRise users, with access to the related iRise project, can click the Edit project icon to directly launch iRise Editor to edit the related prototype.

Reminder: Every iRise plan supports unlimited Reviewers, so all Jira users can review and provide feedback on iRise prototypes directly on the iRise platform for no additional cost.

Webinar Replay: iRise Tips and Tricks #2: Requirements Management & Collaboration

During this webinar we cover some helpful tips on how to best leverage the collaboration and requirements management capabilities in iRise.

In this fast-paced, 15-minute webinar you will learn how to: 

- Document User Stories in iRise
- Create custom requirements views and attributes
- Import requirements from Excel, and how that can be used as shortcut for updating your schema
- Share a link to a specific comment or requirement
- Make projects public or private

...and more