Attachment Enhancements for User Story and Requirements

Sometimes, additional information is needed to support requirements or user stories in iRise – that’s why we have been enhancing the attachment functionality for user story and requirement cards.

All file types are supported for attachments – images, documents, spreadsheets, videos, etc – up to 20.5 MB.

For attached images and videos from within iRise – no downloads are required for review. Simply click the thumbnail of the image to view in full size or click the Play icon on the video thumbnail to play.


Multiple files can be attached to a single card at once. Either click to add attachments or drag and drop into the Attachments tab on a card.

drag and drop.gif

Attachments can be re-ordered and annotated - making it easier to communicate the purpose of an attachment and prioritize the important ones in the list.

reorder and annotate.gif