New in iRise 11.5: Audit Trail

The new, field-level Audit Trail capability tracks both Requirement and Prototype changes. You can now easily review all activity for an iRise project.  Field-level activity history can also help meet corporate Compliance as well as Regulatory needs.

The new Audit tab (available once a project is open, located after the Play tab) shows a history of all activity for a particular project, screen or card, depending on context.

iRise Audit Trail Bar.png

For example, you can now easily determine when someone made changes to prototype screens, or deleted one.  Or how a requirement's title/description, priority, release date or any other property values have changed over time.

For quick scanning,  events are color coded: red = deleted, yellow = modified, green = created, blue = reviewed.

Activity history can be further filtered by activity date range and user.

When no screen or card is open, activity history for the entire project is shown:

Clicking on Audit while editing a (requirement/issue) card shows that card's activity history.  Changes to a card's description are shown in a color-coded "track changes" format:

iRise Audit Trail Card Level.png

Clicking on Audit while editing a screen shows that screen's activity history: