New in iRise 11.4.2/3: Date Filters in Manager, Column Sort, Multiple Card Attributes

New in iRise 11.4.3 & 11.4.2 are a collection of enhancements to the Manager Views with regards to date filters, column sorts, and showing multiple attributes on cards.

iRise 11.4.2 and 11.4.3 Features.gif

Date Filters

Filter, sort, search, and organize requirements by their date attributes with the new date filters in Manager.  For any requirement attribute of type date, you can filter to view requirements on, before, after, or between specified date(s). You can also leverage the date filters to create custom views to see, for example, all requirements that were created yesterday, modified after 10/1/2018, with a due date between today and Friday, and more!  

Review this article for to see how to use the date filters.

Column Sorts

Sort your requirements cards in Manager in ascending or descending order based on your custom requirement attributes. In the Search/Filter bar, simply type the keyword ‘sort’ to view the list of all sortable attributes. You can also type the attribute name you want to sort on to see all of the sorting, filtering, and display options. You can add up to two attributes to drive the sort order for your requirements.  

Review this article about customizing sorts.

Show Multiple Attributes on Cards

Display multiple attributes on the face of the requirement cards  in Manager.  Along with the card title, you can display any of the other attributes like description, priority, and status. This will allow you to quickly scan and review your cards at a glance in your custom views.  

Review this article to see how to add multiple attributes to your cards.