New in iRise 11.4: Set Default Views, Vertical Stacks, Quick Share Links

iRise 11.4 introduces the vertical stack layout to Editor, improves the user experience for Viewstacks, and adds new features to Manager.

Vertical Stack

Easily prototype functionality like accordions, expanding/collapsing sections, progressive design patterns, menus, and more with the vertical stack layout selection for containers. Instead of using the absolute position for child widgets in a container, the vertical stack layout selection automatically aligns child widgets to the topmost, leftmost position – stacked within the parent container.

Check out these articles for instructions on container layouts and how to apply the vertical stack layout in your prototypes:

Container layouts

Create a menu

Create an accordion

Create progressive disclosure

Default View

Setting the default view in a viewstack in Editor allows you to assign which view is displayed by default in Player when the screen loads. By setting the default view, you can freely switch between alternate views in Editor to make updates without impacting which view displays for reviewers in Player.

iRise Set Default View Prototyping Tools.png

Review this article for instructions on how to set the default view for a viewstack. 

Share links

In Manager, while reviewing user stories or requirements, click the link icon to 1-click copy the link to the saved custom view that you’re reviewing. Then you can quickly and easily share the custom view directly with any users with Edit or Owner permission on the project. 

iRise Quick Share Links.png

You’ll also find the link icon and 1-click copy functionality available in the Reports module (to directly link to a specific a report) or in Player (to directly link to a specific page).

Create checklists in requirements or user stories

Capture checklists in the description field for requirements or user stories.  For numbered or bullet-ed lists, you can now add interactive check boxes to keep track of things like tasks, to do items, acceptance criteria, etc. Checklists are clickable for users with Edit or Owner access in Editor, Player, or Manager.

iRise Checklists.png