New in iRise 11.3.6: Requirements in Editor, 1-Click Copy Link from Player, Requirements Link Shortcut

Here’s an overview of the new features released in 11.3.6

Requirements in Editor

Capture and reference requirements alongside the screens you’re prototyping! In the new Requirements panel in Editor you’ll find functionality that you’re already familiar with from Manager and Player. Click the + icon to add new requirements, click existing requirement cards to see the related widgets on your Editor Workspace, or double-click existing cards to access requirement details, related components, attachments, and comments.

Shortcuts to commonly used actions and referenced information are accessible from the related icons on the requirement cards. Click the pin icon to launch the new widget picker that allows you to select related widgets from the user interface or Outline panel. Please review this article for detailed instructions on creating and updating requirements in Editor.

Requirements in Editor v2.png

1-Click Copy Link from Player

While reviewing your project in Player, click the new link icon from the iRise toolbar to instantly copy the link to the screen you’re reviewing. Share the link with users with project permissions by pasting the link into internal messaging apps or email. Leverage the 1-click functionality to accelerate connecting your iRise screenshots to Jira issues with the free iRise Plug-in for Jira.

Add Requirement Shortcut

From Manager and Player, quickly add requirements by clicking the + icon at the top of any column of requirements.