New in iRise 11.3.3: New Actions in Editor, Guide Library and more...

The release of iRise 11.3.3 includes a number of exciting features that make it even easier to build dynamic prototypes. Here are some of the highlights.

New Actions available in Editor to make your prototype more interactive!

The following actions can now be created and updated in Editor:

  • Link to File (Download): This action allows you to provide a file for Reviewers to view/download.

  • Set Text or Value: This action allows you to edit or clear the text or values within user input fields, buttons, text widgets, or supported iBlocs on the screen.

  • Enable, Disable, and Toggle Enable/Disable widgets: These actions allow you to enable or disable or toggle between enabled and disabled states for any button or user input field on the screen.

  • Scroll Containers: This action allows you to scroll any Section container on the screen. You can scroll to or by any pixel or percentage value.

  • Scroll to Widget: This action allows you to scroll to a specific widget on the screen. You can optionally choose smooth/animated scrolling over a custom duration.

  • Window Controls: Refresh, Go Back, Close, Close & Refresh, and Print: These actions allow you to control the browser window behavior.

New Menu Widgets Library

Now pre-installed, the Menu Widgets library includes a number of different easily customizable menu widgets that you can drag and drop on your screens. Choose from light and dark styled menus, icon menus, or mega menus, then update styling, sizes, and menu options as needed. Review this article to learn how to how to use and modify the widgets you'll find in the menu library.

New Guides Library

Now pre-installed, the Guides library was built with the Reviewer experience in mind. Leverage the Guides library widgets in Editor to annotate your prototypes with walk-through notes, step-by-step instructions, help overlays, or project overviews that guide your stakeholders as they're reviewing/using a prototype in Player. Review this article to learn how to use and modify the widgets you’ll find in the Guides library.

Requirements Card Redesign

For better consistency, the UI of requirement cards in Player now more closely resembles the requirement cards in Manager. Additionally the requirements detail panel can now be resized and includes new icons for easy access to commonly used actions and referenced information, making the requirements definition/review process more intuitive for all users.

There were also a few smaller updates that are worth noting for current users:

  • Update: Default scrolling behavior: For any new containers created in Editor, the default horizontal and vertical scroll settings will be set to No, Hide Overflow.

  • Update: Save user inputs action: In addition to saving values entered into native user input fields, you can now save values from supported iBlocs in Editor.

  • Custom Reports module available for on-prem customers: Previously only available for Cloud customers, the Custom Reports module is now also available for on-prem customers. Your iRise administrator must enable the CR module after upgrading. Please review this article on how to run the new reports, and this article for detailed information on how to create or modify Custom Reports.