Become Fluent in iRise Fast with Free Online Training Course

Learn the basics of interactive prototyping and requirements elicitation, validation, and collaboration using the iRise platform with our new On Demand iRise Basic Training course.

The course is perfect for new users looking to jumpstart their iRise experience or existing users wanting a refresher on the latest version of the iRise platform.

Free for everyone and available anytime and anywhere – you can complete the training at your own pace, as your schedule allows. Pause videos or re-watch any sections as many times as necessary for you to have a full understanding of the topic and successfully complete the hands-on exercises.

The course is divided into 10 video modules by topic:

  • iRise Overview and Quick Start (18:44 min)

  • Building Screens (23:10 min)

  • Promoting Reusability (13:48 min)

  • Building Basic Interactivity (17:55 min)

  • Capturing Requirements (5:00 min)

  • Facilitating Collaboration (15:56 min)

  • Building Dynamic Experiences (7:33 min)

  • Incorporating Data (30:11 min)

  • Enhancing Fidelity (19:16 min)

  • Managing Requirements (18:04 min)

For each module, there's a training portion that introduces the topic, followed by a set of hands-on exercises for you to complete along with the video. Modules should be completed in sequence as the hands-on exercises build on each other throughout the training. However, you don’t need to complete all modules in one sitting. Take your time and complete the training whenever and wherever works best for you.

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