Product Update: See what's new in 2017

It's been a very busy 2017 here at iRise, and we know it can be hard to keep up with all the new feature releases.  To help out, we've put together this easy to browse cheat sheet. For a complete list of product updates, go to

If you don't see these features, it may be time to upgrade to the lastest version.

Google & Web Custom Fonts
With a few clicks, add Web fonts or any of the 500+ Google fonts to your project.

Zoom Options w Zoom to Fit
Set page zoom levels, or default it to fit the entire page as you resize the browser.

Customizable Attirbutes.png

Add Image from Any Public Source - Supports Dropbox, Google Drive...
Use image links and changes to your hosted images are automatically updated.

Slack and Skype Support - Enhanced User Profiles
Connect with users through Slack and Skype accounts, add profile pics. 

iRise Smart Guides.jpg

Alignment Guides
Guides appear to help quickly align and snap items where you want them.

Unified Navigation
Easily switch between editing, previewing, managing requirements, and sharing.


Size by Percentage
Set height and width by percentage (of page size or the container it lives in).

Background Image Scaling
Settings like cover, contain and stretch allow flexible scaling options.


Copy Screen from One Project
to Another

Just right-click to move pages between projects (makes reuse easy).

Copy Formatting from One Widget
to Another

Copy and set all formatting setting from one widget to another.


Highlight Active Elements in Player
Show what areas of the page are interactive (on, off, and a dead-click). 

Switch to Lo-fi Mode in Preview
Lets reviewers focus on functionality and not design. Great wireframe shortcut.


See Online and Offline Collaborators
Profile pics of all online and offline team members will appear in the tool bar.

Comment & Requirement Markers
See a badge on all widgets that have associated comments and requirements.


Edit Multiple Requirements at
Once in Manager

Multi-select requirements and apply changes to fields on the Details panel.

Drag & Drop reorder of the
Outline Panel

Move widgets in the Outline panel to reorder layering. Move in and out of containers.