National Grid Drives Process Change with iRise

Global CIO, David Lister discusses why he saw the need to change how IT engaged with the business at National Grid, and why iRise was “absolutely key” to driving that change.

National Grid is a multinational electricity and gas company headquartered in London, England. With a market cap of over £28 billion and roughly 30,000 employees, they have a lot of pressure to build applications right the first time. Based on communication issues between the business and IT, and the resulting problems of missed deadlines, rework, and user dissatisfaction, David was intrigued by the iRise methodology and software.

To help prove the value of iRise, National Grid piloted a number of projects across their enterprise. They soon confirmed that the proposed benefits held true; rework was nearly eliminated, end user satisfaction was much higher, and speed to market was significantly faster. Once the value was confirmed, David moved to adopt iRise at an enterprise level.

David explains that iRise’s unique ability to facilitate new types of conversations was a fundamental driver of his decision. “iRise allows you to innovate, it allows you to explore different ways of doing things.” says David. “The words ‘what if’ or ‘if we did it that way’ – you can’t build that into a functional specification, but you can certainly build it into the Agile style dialogue that iRise enables.”

The key to success at National Grid was understanding that iRise isn’t really a technology change, but more of a process change. This understanding, and the decision to ensure that his teams had the support they needed, was invaluable. David provided this support by working with iRise to establish a Center of Excellence. The CoE propagates best practices throughout National Grid, provides iRise training and mentoring, and accelerates many other SDLC related activities.

All of these subjects are addressed in the National Grid profile video above. To learn more about the transformation at National Grid or to get answers to other iRise questions, email us or call (800) 556-0399.