MetLife Builds Better Software Faster with iRise

MetLife Success Story Overview

In this video, Gary Hoberman, Executive Vice President at MetLife, discusses why they’ve chosen to adopt iRise across their enterprise…

Customer centricity is a strategy at MetLife driven from the executive level on down. Beyond time and budget concerns, they focus on delivering the right software to their end-users.  To help accomplish this, MetLife uses iRise to put traditional text requirements “in-context” through rapid collaborative prototyping.  This allows their users that test-drive applications before they’re built and give accurate feedback on them.

“Traditional requirement documents really just say ‘we heard you’ but it doesn’t mean that when we heard you we understood you,” says Hoberman.  “In this day and age we have to be able to go to the business and say, ‘Remember you had that great idea for generating growth?  Is this what you wanted?’  And then get feedback immediately to know if we’re on the right track.”

iRise has made a big impact on the software delivery process at MetLife and their focus on delivering the right solutions to their users.

“We estimate that iRise saves us 20-25% off the design phase, which is a huge expense reduction.  So not only are we building the right product but we’re doing it faster and better.”
Gary Hoberman, Executive Vice President – MetLife

Watch the MetLife success story to learn more about the journey from evaluating iRise to adoption across the enterprise.