iRise Cuts Rework by 70% & Transforms Offshore Dev

In the video above, First American Financial CIO Larry Godec discusses their purchase of an iRise Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) and how using iRise throughout the SDLC has transformed their process and leapfrogged them ahead of their competition. Before iRise, First American realized that they had a large amount of change requests on every project, caused by either missed or new requirements. Analysis showed that each change request was costing them approximately $4,000. After adopting iRise, they were able to reduce change requests by up to 70%! Other benefits included transforming their offshore process, cutting the analysis and design phase by 30-40%, and reducing the development phase by giving IT a clear understanding of what they need to build.

Larry Godec had a vision to both accelerate development, reduce rework, and transform user experience across the First American portfolio. Standardizing on iRise across the enterprise has allowed them to achieve those goals.