Webinar: Integrate iRise with leading ALM tools

The later a defect or change is found, the greater the impact. Agile processes attempt to address this by shortening development cycles and increasing collaboration. DevOps promotes cultural and tool changes to further streamline getting software into production. But speeding up the process and building the wrong thing doesn’t deliver business value and isn’t the answer.

In this webinar Mike Hughes, Senior Director of Customer Solutions at iRise and Jeff Downs, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer with Tasktop, will demonstrate how you can seamlessly integrate iRise with the leading ALM and requirements management tools. This can help ensure that developers and testers are building the right features, maximizing the business value delivered and reducing waste.

Using Tasktop, iRise integrations include:


What you’ll learn

  • How interactive prototypes built with iRise ensure you are focused on the right requirements and user stories
  • How Tasktop Sync enables near real-time synchronization of these artifacts with your development and testing tools
  • How this powerful combination helps ensure you build the right software quickly and deliver business value sooner

Watch the video replay to learn more about how to better leverage iRise along with your favorite ALM tools using the Tasktop integration.