iRise in Action: Flipboard subscribe functionality

Preview and Tutorial Video

I recently built an iRise prototype with similar functionality to the Flipboard suggestion feature.  Based on your reading habits, Flipboard displays a series of categories that you can swipe through and subscribe to. Prototyping this functionality takes advantage of a number of features that are very useful for iRise users to be proficient in. They include:

  • Viewstacks: Creating multiple “views” of widgets and then navigating between them
  • Actions: Using triggers to manipulate other widgets (in this case you’ll be changing the views in a viewstack and using “show/hide”)

As I mention in the tutorial video below, once you understand these techniques, you’ll be playing with an app and think “I know how to build that in iRise!”



Run your prototypes directly on your iPhone or iPad

Remember that you can demo iRise mobile prototypes right on your iOS device.  All you need is the free iRise Mobile app available on iTunes.

Dominic Infante
Dom has been with iRise since day one. From the early days when the concept of “application simulation” was invented by iRise (his name is included on five of its patents), through the development of the product vision and of the product itself. Over 17 years at iRise gives him a unique view of the platform and of the marketplace it leads.