iRise Express: 48 Hours to Bring Your Idea to Life

Whether you lack the time, tools or design expertise, the iRise Express Service will turn a sketched idea into functional prototype for you—within 48 hours.

Sept. 28, 2015
By Brian McDonough

We unveiled iRise Express today , and we’re expecting it to be a powerful tool for solo entrepreneurs, cash-strapped startups and under-resourced business units.

The idea is simple: Our experts, versed in software design and the powerful iRise platform, talk with you about your sketches, diagrams and requirements docs—whatever you have that expresses your idea for a software application. Then we hunker down for a couple days and, within 48 hours, turn over the finished prototype.

For years, iRise has been making a powerful prototyping platform for experienced software teams. We help business analysts, product managers, designers, developers and business stakeholders evolve initial concepts into robust prototypes that quickly validate an idea, and give the developers something better than a 90-page requirements doc to code from.

But what about people who don’t have those professional resources? The garage-based entrepreneur who has an idea, but no design or software definition experience—and no time to learn prototyping tools? Picture how much better that pitch to a potential investor will go if you’re able to actually demonstrate how the app will work?

And what about business and IT leaders in large organizations whose team members are maxed out—but there’s still this great idea, the “innovation” the CEO is always calling for, if only someone could mock it up … Our team will deliver a crisp, interactive prototype that’ll help win the C-suite support needed to make the idea a reality.

Here’s the Deal

Check out  We review your ideas in confidence and discuss them with you.  Then the clock starts ticking, and in 48 hours, you have a prototype that expresses your concept to potential users, investors, etc.

See the iRise Express page for all the details, and then start gathering those cocktail napkin sketches, or take a picture of that white board drawing.  We’ve got work to do.