From Sketches to Prototype in Seconds

iRise can turn your static screen comps into interactive prototypes fast – really fast. Because iRise is the most powerful hi fidelity prototyping tool available, we sometimes forget to talk about the power it also offers through speed and simplicity. Getting your ideas up and interactive quickly allows teams to iterate at lightning speed. You can build enough consensus on early concepts so you can then move forward to higher fidelity. The short video below gives you a preview of this process.


Everyone starts the process a different way. Whether it’s sketches, wireframes, mock ups, PowerPoint screens or scribbles on a napkin, iRise has got you covered. All you need is digital versions of your ideas and you’re ready to get started.



Drag your files, one at a time or in bunches, into the iRise screen panel. When you do, iRise will create a new page for each. And if you’ve sized them to correspond to a certain device, iRise will detect that and select the right page type for you.


3. Drag, update, iterate and repeat

As you iterate and validate your designs, they will change and often increase in fidelity. As they do, you can drag your updated images into the iRise screen panel. If you’d like to update an existing page/image, just keep the same file name. You’ll then be given the option to replace and update the older version. This feature lets you update all the pages in your project with one action!


4. Connect Hotspots for navigation and interaction

Once you’ve created your screens in iRise, you’re ready to start adding navigation and other interactions. An easy way to trigger these actions is by creating “hotspots” that will drive the interaction. Simply drag and create your hotspot, select the trigger interaction (click, press, swipe, etc…) and then select the action you’d like it to perform (navigation, visibility, movement, formatting, etc…). And with that, you’ve gone in seconds from flat and static screens to the start of an interactive prototype.


5. To interactivity, and beyond…

If you really want to validate that you’re going to build the right application, the simulation you’re showing your user base needs to accurately mirror what you plan to code.

iRise can get you there.

You can build upon a hotspot-driven prototype like the example above, you can start with interactive diagrams, or you can jump right into high fidelity. With iRise the choice is yours. Build fancy animations, use real data and logic, or just crank out beautiful Photoshop creations and bring them to life.

iRise Free Trials Now Include Apple Watch SimKit!

Along with the free desktop and mobile libraries you can use to jump-start your iRise prototypes, iRise now includes the Apple Watch SimKit.  Click the button below to start a free trial on your own, or we can provide your team with a custom demo.