Feature Spotlight: Requirements Management

This video will give you a quick demo of the requirements management features in iRise 11. iRise now allows you to easily capture, organize, and track your text requirements from ideation through to go-live. It’s flexible enough to store user stories, epics, tasks, acceptance criteria, tasks and even attach entire specification documents, so no matter how your team organizes requirements, iRise can be the system of truth.

By associating requirements to the interactive prototypes and diagrams also created in iRise, team members and business stakeholders can accurately and quickly collaborate to validate business needs.

Integrations to all of the major ALM tools like JIRA, Microsoft TFS, JAMA and HP ALM connect the entire development team, and provide end-to-end requirements traceability.



Sort, filter, and group your requirements, user stories, tasks and other related deliverables. Customize the rows and columns. Drag and drop cards to prioritize & automatically update their properties.



Organize all of your project documentation, from the project charter to user personas, or high-level business requirements - create one single source of truth.


Configure each project to fit the way your team works.  Capture detailed functional specifications, or perhaps you prefer User Stories and Epics. The information you capture is up to you.



Add comments, start discussions and collaborate in real-time. Email notifications are sent to all subscribers and @mentions so issues are resolved quickly.



Create a Scrum or Kanban view when development begins. Assign user stories to developers, add development tasks, and track open issues.


Create custom views, available to the entire team, to show and manage the info you need. From reference documentation and status to epics and user stories.


Integrate with the leading ALM platforms

iRise 11 provides real-time bi-directional integratons with the leading ALM platforms like JIRA, Rally, and Microsoft TFS.  This helps teams synchronize all the project information in real-time, across all of your tools – so every person on every team has the information they need.  Watch the video below to see a demo of an iRise + JIRA integration in action.

iRise integrations help teams address a number of common challenges like keeping all of the early-stage definition artifacts—user stories, requirements, mockups, designs, process flows—coordinated and in sync.  It also allows the definition team to integrate these early-stage artifacts with the larger ALM processes like development and testing.

But beyond synchronization there’s a bigger challenge, – using just the text description of a requirement or the user story often isn’t enough information for the developer to really know what to build, or for the tester to know how to test it. In addition to the text description and other info they’re usually given, this integration is going to provide dev and QA with a link to a screen in the iRise prototype that shows them how it’s meant to be implemented.