iRise 10.5: Faster prototyping, configurable requirements, and all new integrations

By Bryan Lipson, EVP-Product Management

We’ve just launched iRise 10.5, which is a very exciting step forward for the platform. There are a lot of improvements to cover in this release, but I just want to highlight some of the changes we’ve made in three important areas:

Faster prototyping – in the browser and on your iOS device

We’re continuing to bring more advanced features from the desktop Studio to the web-based Editor. Many customers have embraced the ease and convenience of iRise in the cloud, which gives them access to iRise projects from any computer, including mobile devices. To give them more functionality without the need to install any software, iRise 10.5 brings some of the most commonly used data operations to the browser. And for the first time, you can also use your mobile device to create prototypes.

Create and share collections of screens, masters, and widgets that your team can use as a starting point when creating new projects in iRise.
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Create and share widget libraries directly in Editor.
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Capture and pass data from one screen to another in Editor.
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Use rules to control actions and display dynamic content in Editor.
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Turn photos of whiteboard sketches and mockups into clickable prototypes directly on the iRise mobile app.

Drag photos of whiteboard sketches and screen mockups into Editor and add hotspots to create clickable prototypes instantly.  Learn More


Configurable requirements and reporting

Capturing requirements directly in the context of the screens and UI elements they describe has always been fundamental to the iRise platform. iRise 10.5 expands this capability, giving teams the ability to configure requirements to match how they work. Teams can configure iRise to capture not only requirements, but user stories, UI specifications, open items or business objectives. Agile teams can set up user stories, with story points and sprint assignments.

For each requirement, start capturing more of the details you need, such as type, status, priority or story points.
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Every screen, UI element and requirement can be exported instantly into custom docs and reports to meet your specific needs.

All-new integrations to leading ALM platforms

A completely new set of integrations to leading ALM platforms helps teams address a couple of major challenges: (1) keeping all of the early-stage definition artifacts—user stories, requirements, mockups, designs, process flows—coordinated and in sync, and (2) integrating these early-stage artifacts with the larger ALM process: development, issue tracking, testing and devops. iRise 10.5 provides real-time bidirectional integration with the following platforms:

  • Atlassian JIRA: 5, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, Current On-Demand Version
  • Blueprint: 6.0.x, 6.1, On-Demand
  • HP ALM: 10, 11, 11.52, 12.01
  • HP Quality Center: 9.2, 10, 11, 11.52, 12.01
  • IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC):, 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.0.5,4.0.6, 5.0, 5.0.1
  • IBM Rational DOORS NG; RRC: 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.0.5, 4.0.6, 4.0.7, 5.0, 5.0.1
  • IBM Rational DOORS: 9.2.x, 9.3.x, 9.4.x, 9.5.2, 9.6
  • Jama: 4.3, 4.3.3, 2014.1, Current On-Demand Version
  • Microsoft TFS: 2010, 2012, 2013
  • Rally: 2013.3, 2014.1, 2014.2 On-Premise, On-Demand Enterprise Version
  • VersionOne: Enterprise and Ultimate 13.2, 13.3. 14.0, 14.1, 14.2 On-Demand

Through these integrations, information flows throughout the full software lifecycle, removing opportunities for miscommunication and bringing clarity to the entire team.

These integrations are currently included in some Enterprise plans. And through our partnership with Tasktop, the integration can be expanded to more than 30 other ALM platforms.

We’ve begun rolling iRise 10.5 out to some customers, and we’re getting great feedback. There’s definitely a lot more to be said, and we intend to cover that in future blog posts, videos and more.

To learn more about iRise 10.5, register for a free trial or attend our What’s New in iRise 10.5 Webinar, slated for Sept. 29. If you have thoughts on 10.5, or questions about it, reach me directly on Twitter, @blipson.