Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between business, IT and customers by improving the experience of defining software.

Bad requirements lead to bad software and missed deadlines.   Getting requirements right the first time eliminates untold hours of coding rework and gets web and mobile apps to market much faster.  And that can be the difference between success and failure.

By combining best-in-class prototyping with right-weight requirements management everyone on the team gets on the same page quickly, and can see, experience, and iterate on the proposed application early and often before coding begins.


Patented Technology


Our vision is that in the not-too-distant future all software will be prototyped before development.  In the same way that all buildings, bridges or rockets are now designed and simulated long before construction begins.  You wouldn't want to use them if they hadn't been, right?

Since the cost of a change increases exponentially the later in the development cycle it's made, our customers regularly report saving 30-50% of overall development cost and time, engaged and happy stakeholders, and delivering apps that delighted users.

And that makes us happy as well.


We were awarded our first of several U.S. patents in 2007, and continue to be passionate about inventing new ways for teams to build great software faster.  Our inventions include, among others:

  1. The process of validating requirements by using a software prototype/simulation
  2. Associating requirements text to visual elements in a software prototype/simulation
  3. Real-time collaborative modeling of software prototypes/simulations