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iRise Mobile Solutions
Visual Prototyping for Mobile Apps

As the demand for mobile solutions has exploded, companies need an effective way to experience iRise mobile visualizations on the devices themselves. These iRise Platform mobile features help you show your users exactly how new apps will look and act before coding:

iPhone Emulator

You can create realistic iPhone prototypes in iRise Studio, with realistic effects such as momentum scrolling and a virtual keypad that works just like the real thing. iPhone pages are automatically sized correctly and simulate inside an emulated iPhone.

iRise Mobile 2.0 Free App

Let your users see new apps and “kick the tires” on their own iPhones and iPads with the iRise Mobile 2.0 iPhone app, available in the iTunes store. The mobile app allows you to log into your iRise Definition Center directly from your iPhone or iPad and launch an iRise project. You can then interact with simulations in full-screen mode, using the native iOS functionality, giving you a true app experience. Download now.

iPhone Content iDoc

Save even more time with the iPhone iDoc, which makes it easy to drag-and-drop working, reusable components into your app design. It contains all the essential iPhone style assets to get you building your own custom iPhone app visualizations quickly. Many drag-and-drop assets come pre-configured with standard iPhone interactions including tab and navigation bars, alerts, a homescreen icon builder, static and dynamic lists, grid views, and much more. Inline guides and sample how-to's are included to help you through the process. Download now.

Mobile iBlocs

iBlocs are reusable UI components that allow complex behaviors and business logic to be visualized in seconds. Visit the iBloc Marketplace, where you can download free iOS related iBlocs which simulate many of the native iPhone and iPad widgets. You'll be blown away by how accurately they replicate mobile functionality.

There’s just no substitute for letting your customers or stakeholders use what you’re developing and give feedback—before it’s cast in code. Let iRise be your “unfair advantage” in the race to deliver mobile apps that delight.