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 Our View
In today's global market, manufacturing companies face high levels of regional and international competition. Businesses are under great pressure to build increasingly competitive products, while at the same time, minimizing the risk and cost. Global sourcing can be a solid strategy for cutting cost; however, most businesses do not have a reliable communication process in place to guarantee results. The consequences can be delayed projects, missing features, cost overruns and unhappy business units.
 What We Offer
With iRise visualization technology, manufacturers have a vastly improved ability to deliver competitive products to market faster, with lower cost, greater efficiency and reduced risk. Just as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D modeling have revolutionized traditional manufacturing industries, iRise is transforming the world of software development with application visualization. Only iRise has a global collaboration platform that gives businesses the ability to connect geographically dispersed constituencies, ensuring rapid consensus and enhanced communication between stakeholders, no matter where they live.
Business Driver Solution
Maximize revenue opportunity by accelerating time to market Getting technology innovation to market quickly is essential to remain competitive. Visualizing applications with iRise before you build typically cuts time to market in half, accelerating revenue opportunities.
Quickly implement SAP to drive operational efficiencies Manufacturing firms often struggle with envisioning SAP implementations, even as they are wrestling with choosing an outside sourcing partner for implementation. iRise can be used early in the process to visualize the end state of enhanced business processes and stimulate internal consensus long before an SAP implementation partner is chosen. This saves time during the engagement and creates a fast track to a successful outcome.
Increase marketing, sales & service effectiveness Visualizations are fully functional mock-ups of sales, marketing & service applications that let all constituents experience the system before coding. Now you know applications will succeed even before they are built.
Improve operational efficiencies

Web portals that help manage operations more efficiently can be visualized completely with fully functional iRise simulations, ensuring lower cost and streamlined processes.

Consolidate legacy applications into a single reference platform Global stakeholders can use the iRise collaboration platform to "test drive" and quickly come to consensus on reference applications that serve a diverse user population.
Lower contact center costs By focusing on more intuitive interfaces early in the definition cycle using fully functional visualizations, applications become easier to use, driving lower contact center traffic. Organizations can now focus precious resources on revenue generation activity.
Build productive partnerships with outsourcing partners

iRise visualizations can be used as a common, collaborative communication platform between manufacturing companies and their outsourcing partners. Visualizations help control scope, drive better estimates and keep projects on track.

Identify & rank development risks across your portfolio Using iRise to visualize your project portfolio early in the process leads to better funding decisions, faster consensus and greater project success.

Manufacturing Customer Success

Agilent Technologies
Avery Dennison
Colgate Palmolive
First Solar
Fluor Daniel
General Motors
Northrop Grumman

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Customer Success

Fusion'07 Video: Benefits of Requirements Simulation in a Global Environment
 ( 30:47)
General Motors
The simulations allow the business to visualize their business processes, clarify system behaviors and gain global consensus before the start of development.
- Dr. Richard Frost,
  Global Director
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