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Visualization and modeling have long been used as effective strategies in the automotive, aerospace and semiconductor industries to cut cost, get innovative new products to market faster and eliminate confusion about what to build.

Yet for years, business software has been defined with the equivalent of the old drafting boards used in these industries. The problem with this approach? Business people fundamentally have a hard time understanding text specifications, screen shots, static use cases and business process flow diagrams. And coded prototypes have proven to be too expensive and time consuming to produce. The result has been endemic, persistent project delays, cost over-runs and missing features in business-critical applications.

Visualizing business applications before they are built using iRise is now a proven strategy to accelerate time to revenue, cut software project cost and improve customer experience for hundreds of companies on thousands of projects. Application visualization is quickly becoming a standard for how new software is defined, existing applications are enhanced and packaged applications are implemented.

Key business values include: