iRise Professional Services

Investing in visualization is a strategic decision that is often followed by the question; "How do I ensure the success of this investment for my organization?"

The iRise Professional Services team offers a comprehensive set of services that are designed to not only ensure initial success with iRise products on individual projects but also to work with our customers to create a tailored plan to drive long-term enterprise adoption. From initial training and education, to mentoring, visualization assistance and comprehensive adoption plans, the iRise Professional Services team is a critical partner that can help maximize the return on investment in visualization.

iRise Consulting Services

iRise Consulting Services provides advice and assistance with application delivery and security, freeing companies to develop and grow their own resources, knowledge, skills and experience. Consulting Services may be delivered as part of an overall strategy and plan to adopt and use iRise products or stand-alone to implement solutions from iRise or one of our business partners. iRise Consulting Services stands ready to assist with defining an application, systems development or ensuring security.

Case Study: Financial Services Company
The client engaged iRise services to define how to integrate iRise into its new agile development process and train and mentor its employees to ensure maximum adoption and use of iRise. After six months, the client developed more than 200 skilled iRise users and successfully completed 15 projects, resulting in several million dollars in savings.

"Our partnership with iRise ensured the successful adoption of iRise and allowed us to fully realize the benefits of simulation in a matter of months, resulting in a more agile and competitive business."

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