iRise Accelerate

iRise Accelerate is a collection of services that enhance, extend and expand the adoption, use and value of iRise.

Business Benefits:
  • Accelerate visualization
  • Increase reuse
  • Increase quality
  • Accelerate software development processes
  • Enforce standards and best practices
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Maximize ROI


Leveraging reusable components is a proven strategy in many industries to speed up delivery of new products; the world of application visualization is no different. An iRise pattern library is a set of reusable visualization assets that can be leveraged across many different project types and business units to enforce branding, promote best practices and accelerate the delivery of business software. The iRise platform easily facilitates the creation and delivery of reusable visualization assets, but how should organizations approach building out their own pattern libraries? Drawing from successful implementations with many clients, iRise Professional Services can jump start this effort by working with organizations to identify standard, reusable components and put an action plan together to build out a comprehensive pattern library that will dramatically speed up time to visualization.

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The iBloc™ API allows the import of custom widgets to support the creation of custom user interface (UI) controls and behaviors that can be incorporated into visualizations and re-used across the enterprise, speeding time to visualization and enforcing best practices.

iRise Professional Services can help build out a collection of custom, reusable visualization widgets, using best practices learned from other customers.

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The iRise iConnect API opens up endless opportunities for extending the iRise platform by enabling the export of visualization assets into an XML format. A number of pre-built integration solutions are available for purchase. Alternatively, the iRise Professional Services team can leverage iConnect to build a custom integration to other tools or technology.

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Adoption Center

The iRise Adoption Center is a turn-key, centralized application that enables organizations to leverage best practices to track, manage and sustain iRise adoption. The iRise Adoption Center has a set of comprehensive content and functionality needed to monitor iRise installations for iRise modelers, project managers, administrators or an executives. Built leveraging our extensive experience helping hundreds of customers and thousands of users adopt iRise, the iRise Adoption Center leverages best practices that accelerate adoption and reduce administration costs.

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