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iRise Reader
Let Anyone Interact with Your Visualizations

iRise interactive documents (iDocs) are portable, interactive simulations that stakeholders can use to interact with and fully experience proposed software before any coding. Instead of that massive requirements document which offers no interactivity or user acceptance testing, using iRise will ensure you’re building the right software. With iDocs, stakeholders can review, comment on and approve visualizations from anywhere, anytime. Cycle times are shortened, requirements collaboration is ensured, and project rework is all but eliminated.

iRise visualization authors encapsulate visualizations by exporting to an iDoc file, which can then be emailed to stakeholders. To view and interact with iDocs, stakeholders download and install a free iRise Reader which is available from the iRise website. Comments made in an iDoc are saved and the updated iDoc can be emailed back to the authors. Comments from multiple iDocs are collected together by the iRise Definition Center in a comprehensive way for authors, ensuring that all feedback is considered.

Download iRise Reader today; it's free (valid email address required). It includes a sample iDoc that you can test drive to experience the power of application visualization.

Please review the system requirements and installation instructions before downloading.