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The iRise Enterprise Platform

The iRise platform has been designed to support nearly every aspect of your application development process. We understand your enterprise. It’s not about a prototyping tool producing wireframes. It’s about transforming the way you define and build software. From simulations to testing to functional specs to code generation, successful teams use iRise as the central communication platform to drive all phases of the software development lifecycle and requirements management - from concept to launch.


Static documents and wireframes just aren't enough. Use iRise to create working simulations of web, desktop, and mobile applications quickly, without writing code. It's only when people interact with a simulation that you uncover design flaws, requirements errors, and usability issues. Whether you're creating a new application or enhancing an existing one, use iRise simulations to engage all stakeholders throughout the SDLC.

Create dynamic screens fast

A full set of drag-and-drop controls make it easy to assemble web, desktop, and mobile screens rapidly. Forget static mockups - these are working controls that you can interact with.

Simulate the full user experience

Giving users an experience that doesn’t reflect the final application isn’t effective . Add navigation, media, rich interactions, business logic, and sample data for a true app experience.

Live data makes it real

iRise supports a wide range of data operations so your simulations behave like a real application. Validate a login attempt, search, sort a dynamic list, process an order, and more.

Support multi-user workflows

iRise Datasheets allow multiple people to interact with the same simulation, at the same time, just like a real application. Data is shared and persisted so you can simulate live, multi-user workflow apps.

Pre-built Content Modules

A powerful set of pre-configured content solutions jump-start SAP projects, and integrated workflow accelerate the creation of visualizations involving technologies from SAP, Apple, and IBM.


Reusable assets

Masters allow you to make a change in one place and have it propagate through the entire simulation. This makes future changes a snap. They also drive reusability and corporate branding.

Mobile platform and device support

Simulate native-looking mobile apps with a complete set of working iOS and Android controls. Run mobile simulations in the browser inside the built-in Device Emulator, or run it directly on your iPhone or iPad in full screen.


Document as you go

Add requirements, annotations, and comments as you go. Use these elements to generate specification documents and to pass on to other requirement management platforms.

Custom-built UI component library

Access a growing library of custom-built user interface controls and behaviors. If you don't see what you need, create your own out of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using our public iBloc API.



Designing and developing software is a team sport. That's why iRise has been designed from the ground up to support secure, real-time collaboration. It's critical that every stakeholder in the development process - from concept to launch - share a common understanding. With the iRise platform, teams of 5 or 500 can collaborate, share, review, and provide accurate feedback online from anywhere in the world.

Definition Center

Publish your simulations to a single, secure, online repository. Share your simulations globally with anyone, and give each user specific permissions.

Guided demos

If you want reviewers to run through specific scenarios, augment your simulation with Guides that help walk stakeholders step-by-step through particular user flows.

Activity Analysis

Find out what's being reviewed or changed, and by who. Track stakeholder activity to ensure you have the right people reviewing the right content at the right time.

How to write good mobile requirements

Review mobile on the go

Reviewers can access mobile app simulations on the go with iRise Mobile, a free iTunes app for the iPhone and iPad, testing them on their iOS device.

Conduct multi-user tests

Facilitated multi-user usability tests are possible with a centralized server that captures multiple stakeholder feedback at the same time.

Reusable assets speed creation

Reusable definition assets can be stored on the server, speeding time to visualization and enforcing customer experience best practices.

Role-based permissions

Give individual users or entire groups role-based access to projects. iRise is scalable to fit the needs of even the largest organizations.

Share offline with anyone

An iRise simulation can be shared offline with anyone as a simple iDoc file. Reviewers can use iRise Reader to post comments directly within the iDoc and can even associate comments directly to screen elements.

Manage global feedback

Powerful comments management functions collect and organize stakeholder reviews into easily manageable groups for visualization authors - a necessity for globally dispersed stakeholder audiences.


Whether your process is Scrum, Lean, Rational, or traditional Waterfall, good requirements and clear communication throughout the software development lifecycle is essential for success. iRise integrates directly with major requirements management and ALM platforms, including IBM Rational, Caliber, HP Quality Center, and Jira. The iRise platform also provides an open API so you can integrate iRise into your specific environment.

Integrate with your current tools

iRise integrates directly with major requirements management and ALM platforms, including IBM Rational, Caliber, HP Quality Center, and Jira.

Custom integrations

The iRise platform provides the iConnect API, an open collection of web services, so you can further integrate iRise into your specific tools and processes.

Integrate your components

Use the iRise open iBloc API to wrap your existing UI libraries as iRise widgets, allowing you to drag and drop your custom interface components.

Generate Code

Get a jumpstart on development by generating UI code, aligned to your enterprise standards, from high-fidelity simulations. Dramatically reduce application development time while at the same time improving quality.

Generate functional specifications

Create or import existing text requirements into iRise to jumpstart your documentation. Once they’re simulated and validated, generate different types of specification documents to avoid spending further time on requirements documentation.


Manage secure access to critical intellectual property by plugging the iRise platform into your existing LDAP infrastructure.


Maximize your investment by thinking beyond the technology. We partner with our customers to address the people, process, and technology needs of your organization. We have extensive experience helping businesses large and small overcome organizational barriers and adopt new ways of working. Our approach combines change management with technology implementation to ensure customer success.

People, process, and technology

Our experienced team will help you define the best software development process, configure the software to support it, and help your team through the change.

Custom reports and dashboards

Generate custom functional specifications, change reports, requirement inventory and more, using your organization's template. Real-time dashboards provide an instant view of iRise adoption and ROI.

eLeaning and onsite training

iRise offers a flexible and comprehensive curriculum that can be delivered online or at private facilities. They ensure the right education is provided in the right manner.

Acceleration Services

iRise will help build out the necessary asset libraries, custom widgets, custom specification documents, and integrations to ensure you hit the ground running and are fine tuned for project success.

User and license management

Includes user self-registration and role management functionality necessary for large enterprises. Also includes built-in workflow for requesting, approving, denying and provisioning licenses.

Change management expertise

Rooted in proven best-practices learned from thousands of projects, iRise change management services ensure success on individual projects, along with the creation of a tailored adoption strategy.

iRise Community

The iRise Community is a place to share ideas, ask questions, and report problems in an open forum. It's a great place to find answers from iRise experts around the world as well as iRise employees.

iRise Developers Network

iDN is an online community designed to empower iRise customers, partners and independent developers to extend the iRise visualization platform by leveraging the iRise iBloc™ and iConnect™ APIs.

Live phone support

Contact an expert at iRise Support for personalized and convenient support. Along with live phone support, we offer an ever expanding portal for quick answers, product tutorials, and more.


iRise counts more than 500 of the Fortune 1000 as its customers, including 90 percent of the top banks and financial institutions. These firms regularly report cutting costs by more than 30 percent, decreasing time to deployment by 50 percent and virtually eliminating rework. We invented Enterprise Software Visualization, and have the patents to prove it.

Amazing companies, amazing stories

iRise has helped some of the largest companies in the world transform the way they define their applications. Watch this short video and hear them describe the amazing results...




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