Visual: Hand holding phone

“It will work like this.”

iRise Mobile
Quick, Accurate and On-Device

What if your organization could throw away those useless requirements documents, hand stakeholders a cell phone and show them exactly how the final app will look and work? Now you can. That's the power of the new iRise Mobile app, available for free in iTunes.

Everyone involved—including non-technical stakeholders and customers—now has a powerful way to kick the tires of new apps and give feedback before development starts. And for the first time, there's a way to validate mobile requirements, ensure that the right systems get built, virtually eliminate project rework, and delight users with the first "final version."

  • Available free on iTunes - compatible with iRise 8.8 or later
  • Works on the iPhone and iPad
  • Lets your users tap, swipe and scroll through your simulation

Think about it: You wouldn't invest in anything else before knowing exactly how it will look and work. So why should app development be any different?

Use iRise Mobile to connect to your iRise Definition Center and interact with simulations in full-screen mode for a true app experience. Visit iTunes and download now.