Beyond Prototyping

iRise Studio
Test-drive new software before it's coded

iRise Studio is a powerful tool that lets you create incredibly realistic simulations of web applications, desktop software, mobile apps, SAP applications, and more – all without writing a line of code. Studio simulations go beyond traditional prototyping. You can add navigation, media, rich interactions, business logic, and sample data for a true app experience. This allows you and your stakeholders to experience a proposed application before development begins, eliminating confusion about what to build, cutting project costs and accelerating delivery by 50%.

Below are some of the features that make all this possible…

Agile requirements and use case process using iRise

Map out use cases and application flows

Scenarios provide a fast and easy way to map out usage scenarios and application flows. These simple flow diagrams can be created in seconds.


Simulate the full user experience

Functional specification documents and static wireframes just don't cut it. It's only when people actually interact with a simulation that you uncover design flaws, requirements gaps, and usability errors. With Studio, you can add display logic, rich interactions, business rules, and sample data for a true app experience.

Incorporate business logic and data

Studio supports a wide range of data operations so you can create simulations that behave and respond like a real application. Validate a login attempt, search a catalogue, sort a dynamic list, process an order, calculate a total, and more...all without a line of code.

iRise Masters and Templates

Make global changes with Masters

Masters allow you to make a change in one place and have it propagate through the entire simulation. This makes future changes a snap, drives reusability and reinforces corporate branding.

iRise Reader

Collaborate in real-time with iRise Definition Center

Defining and designing applications is a team sport. That’s why Studio has been designed from the ground up to support online, real-time collaboration. Through Definition Center, you and your colleagues can work on the same simulation at the same time, each seeing one another’s updates live. Your reviewers need only a web browser to explore your simulations and provide feedback. You can even make changes on the fly as feedback arrives. Learn more about the benefits of Definition Center here.

Gather feedback from anyone, anywhere

Studio simulation can be shared with anyone as a simple iDoc file. With the free iRise Reader, reviewers can run iDocs in their browser. Reviewers can post comments directly within the iDoc and can even associate comments directly to screen elements. Feedback within iDocs can be imported back into the original project so you can be sure you won’t lose any comments.

iRise Feedback
iRise Mobile Experience

Get your mobile app experience right

With Studio you can simulate mobile applications with incredible realism. A full set of drag-and-drop iOS controls, such as the barrel spinner and the on/off switch, make it easy to assemble beautiful iPhone and iPad screens. Forget static mockups - these are working controls that you can interact with.

iRise includes iPhone 4 & 5, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, and Windows Phone emulators. Screens automatically simulate inside an emulated device, complete with virtual keyboard and momentum scrolling. The effect is a rich, realistic mobile experience delivered entirely through the browser.

For the full, on-device experience, you and your stakeholders can run Studio simulations directly on the iPhone and iPad with iRise Mobile, a free app available in the iTunes App Store.


Add custom behaviors using iBlocs™

With Studio, you’re not limited to a fixed set of standard widgets and behaviors. iBlocs are custom user interface (UI) controls and behaviors that can be used in any Studio simulation. Check out our library of free iBlocs - if you don't see the iBloc you need, you can create your own out of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using our public iBloc API. Many iRise customers use the iBloc API to convert their existing Javascript components, or freely available controls from open source libraries like jQuery, into iBlocs for use in Studio. Watch video

iRise iBlocs
Jump-start iRise projects with Web Importer

Jump-start projects with Web Importer

With a single click, the Web Importer Plugin lets you import existing web pages as individual iRise widgets, saving you an incredible amount of time. You can then quickly build interactivity into the imported widgets. You can also import only the images or a screenshot. Watch video


Go global with multi-language support

iRise supports foreign language text contained in simulations including double-byte character sets. Supported languages include, but are not limited to: English, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Japanese and Arabic.

iRise Multi-language Support

Extend iRise with iConnect

Use the iRise platform and all your visual prototypes with the tools and enterprise software that you already have. The iConnect™ API automatically exports your work in XML. This XML output can easily be converted—programmatically or using tools—into richly-formatted specification documents and spreadsheets, input for downstream development or quality tools, or even development assets such as HTML or code.


Generate code from your simulations

Get a jump on coding with the iRise CodeGen package, which automatically produces working code (Java or .NET) from high-fidelity visualizations.


Estimate project scope and track changes

The iRise Project Estimator automatically generates industry standard Function Point counts based on your simulations, and provides an objective, comparative measure that assists in estimating project cost, managing scope, and measuring productivity. Revision Manager automatically captures revisions of a project on a scheduled basis so you always have a record of your work. You can also quickly compare any two revisions to visually see what's changed.


The only true Enterprise solution

Only iRise has the collaboration, security, integration and content capabilities that are required for enterprises who are serious about transforming their application definition process. Thousands of companies have used iRise Studio to slash time, money and risk from their software development projects. Take our free 30-day trial to see why.

Please contact iRise directly for pricing. Subscription pricing is available for qualifying companies.

iRise Studio for the Mac

iRise Studio for the Mac

The Mac version of iRise Studio is now available. If you are interested in downloading a trial or would like more info, please click here.

iRise Studio MX

iRise Studio MX

With Studio MX you can create incredibly realistic simulations of iPhone apps without writing a line of code. And we're excited to be offering Studio MX for free! Learn More.

Requirements specification and prototyping using iRise Studio