Real-Time Global Collaboration

iRise Definition Center
Defining and designing applications is a team sport

Global collaboration with customers, employees, development teams and business owners is essential when defining software. Effective requirements management and traceability require a robust communication platform. That’s why iRise Studio has been designed from the ground up to support secure, real-time collaboration. Through Definition Center, you and your colleagues can work on the same simulation at the same time, each seeing one another’s updates live. Your reviewers need only a web browser to explore your simulations and provide feedback. You can even make changes on the fly as feedback arrives.

The benefits of iRise Definition Center include:

  • Real-time, team-based collaboration throughout the SDLC for rapid authoring & reviewing iterations.
  • Self-guided stakeholder guides allow business stakeholders to review and comment on simulations stored in a central server.
  • Reusable definition assets can be stored on the server, speeding time to visualization and enforcing customer experience best practices.
  • Powerful comments management functions collect and organize stakeholder reviews into easily manageable groups for visualization authors – something that outdated requirements document can’t do.
  • iRise visualizations can be exported into self-contained files called iDocs that can be shared over email, enabling unparalleled distributed stakeholder feedback, which is captured and collected in a convenient form on the server for definition teams.
  • Custom reporting allows you to generate functional specifications, change reports, requirement inventory and more, all using your organization's templates and documentation standards.
  • Activity Analysis allows you to track stakeholder engagement to make sure you have the right people reviewing the right visualization at the right time. You can analyze user activity to find out what's changing or being reviewed, and by who. This indicates whether pages, requirements or projects are converging or diverging and provides transparency to Studio activity.
  • Extension tool allows you to compare iRise visualizations to your UI standards to get a report of all violations, allowing you to define and enforce corporate design standards.
  • Reusable iRise content modules can be created, license protected and distributed. The iRise Definition Center supports the distribution of third-party pre-packaged and licensed visualization content. The intellectual property contained within visualizations can be protected and licensed to a specific Definition Center and can only be modified by a set of authorized iRise Studio users.
  • Facilitated multi-user usability tests are possible with a centralized server that captures multiple stakeholder feedback at the same time.
  • Check-in/Check-out for disconnected authoring lets modeling and prototyping activity to continue without pause without network connections.
  • Secure access to critical intellectual property through LDAP enabled user authentication is supported for "enterprise grade" organizations.
  • Integrations with IBM Rational Requirements Composer
  • Centralized administration of users, groups, projects through an intuitive administrative user interface