iRise CodeGen

Turn Visualizations into Working Code

iRise CodeGen™ produces working code from iRise visualizations, dramatically reducing application development time while at the same time improving quality. This product delivers a powerful head start to software development. The iRise simulation is the interactive blueprint for what IT should build, and the code that CodeGen produces is the foundation to build upon.

iRise CodeGen will take an iRise visualization and, using templates, generate a code base for virtually any front-end framework. HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile, DOJO, ICEfaces, Primefaces, ASP.NET MVC4 – these are just a few examples of frameworks that are a great fit for CodeGen. Templates allow you to incorporate your own enterprise standards into the code that is produced by CodeGen, improving the quality of the code and the consistency of the end-user experience. Once the front-end code is generated, developers can fill in any remaining functionality and integrate with the other layers of the application.

  • Dramatically Accelerate Delivery
    Automatic code base generation can shave weeks or months off delivery time
  • Cut Cost
    Shorter development cycles can save 20%-40% of project cost
  • Reduce Defects
    The generated user-interface matches the high-fidelity visualization
  • Mobile Support
    iRise CodeGen can produce code for almost any mobile platform, including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms
  • Enforce Standards
    Technical standards are built into the generated code base
  • Increase Productivity
    Developers spend more time implementing functionality and less time coding frameworks

iRise CodeGen does not remove the need for developers and it does not produce 100% complete code. However, the savings associated with generating a code base for the user interface portions of an application can be significant.

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