iRise on Campus is a progressive educational program that provides select undergraduate and graduate university programs with the opportunity to use iRise’s cutting edge requirements visualization technology in computer science, human-computer interaction, IT and entrepreneurship courses.

USC is one of the many prestigious universities utilizing this program in their course: Business Information Systems Analysis and Design.  Throughout the semester students formed groups and met with real business clients to learn, understand, and provide a solution to their challenges. For their final project students were to present these final solutions and were given iRise to simulate the systems they had designed. Within groups students were assigned “roles” such as Risk Assessor, Requirements Consolidation Lead, and Team Coordinator. In addition to these standard roles each team had an “iRise expert” – a position we hope to see in every company one day. We had a chance to sit in on a few of these presentations and we’re happy to say that the future business leaders of the world are smart, talented, and eager.

Students worked with varying types of clients from a non-profit company who gave quilts to sick children, to an up-and-coming clothing company, to a pet food wholesaler. Each group delivered a website and a mobile app – each developed using iRise. While presenting some teams raved about iRise saying that it was incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

Using the iRise visualization solution in these courses provides students with practical experience that translates directly to the workplace and enables young innovators to express their ideas. By getting iRise in to the hands of the up and coming we hope to change the way software is built.

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