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iRise CEO Emmet Keeffe Joins Executive Advisory Board & Steering Committee for the World BPO Forum

El Segundo, Calif. - April 7, 2009 - iRise®, the world's leading visualization solutions company, today announced that Emmet B. Keeffe III, iRise CEO and co-founder has joined the executive advisory board and steering committee for the World BPO Forum, an organization dedicated to sharing best practices for optimizing human resources globally. The World BPO Forum Summit 2009 event is being held this year on July 30-31 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Jersey City, New Jersey.

"We are excited to have Mr. Keeffe on the executive advisory board and be a Director on our executive steering committee," stated Kartik Kilachand, president of the World BPO Forum, Inc. "Emmet has built a rock solid reputation as a IT thought leader and one of the most well connected CEOs in the business. Emmet regularly meets with the best and brightest CIOs on the planet and as a result brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization that will certainly help guide the content and keep us focused on the most pressing issues facing CIOs today."

"The timing of this event couldn't be more perfect as CIOs today have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage the current recession to finally 'break the glass' on critical transformational initiatives," said Mr. Keeffe. "iRise is in the business of enabling change on a dramatic scale by giving CIOs a strategic platform to visualize the future and take the risk out of global sourcing initiatives. Accelerating the percentage of global sourcing for application development with low risk is the 'last mile' for many CIOs and iRise is in a unique position to help drive this objective."

"Outsourcing and off-shoring have become commonplace among large U.S. companies, but less so among medium scale enterprises," said Mr Kilachand. "That is creating a performance divide. It takes significant resource allocation to find the right offshore partnerships, as well as a long time to learn from mistakes and overcome the challenges of globalizing key business process operations. This is where the World BPO Forum can play a material role in helping the competitiveness of mid-sized U.S. companies - who have to 'get it right' the first time around. "Mr. Keeffe added; "The World BPO Forum is taking a leadership role in getting CIOs together to share best practices and provide a road map for guiding change, cutting cost and shifting IT priorities to drive real business innovation. It is their vision of becoming the 'Davos' for off-shoring."

Software Visualization - The Ultimate Change Agent
The world's best run companies recognize that tough economies are exactly the right time to take bold steps to change the status quo and leap ahead of the competition. Consistently delivering innovative and highly usable business-critical applications is often the key to capitalizing on this kind of market opportunity. iRise visualization gives companies a powerful way to define applications right - the first time. By enabling global organizations to "test drive" and fully experience systems early in the process, iRise is an essential strategy to consolidate application portfolios, accelerate delivery and leverage global sourcing without delays and cost overruns.

With thousands of projects completed successfully, the value of visualization has proven to be enormous for businesses in highly competitive markets:

  • Get to market twice as fast;
  • Eliminate 30% of project cost;
  • Ensure success of global sourcing strategies; and,
  • Dramatically improve customer experience

About iRise
iRise is the world's leading provider of visualization software for business applications. Visualization is quickly becoming a critical competitive advantage for businesses to more effectively communicate their needs to technology teams and give everyone involved the ability to fully experience applications before they are built. Companies of all sizes like General Motors, UPS, Wachovia, Manpower, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and many others use iRise to "test drive" their applications before building, which accelerates time to revenue, improves customer experience, and drives costs down. At iRise, our vision is that by 2020, all business software will be visualized before being built, the same way that every car, airplane, and building is visualized today. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., iRise is backed by Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, and has sales offices across North America.


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