It’s time to think differently about requirements

iRise’s collaborative platform helps teams define, communicate, and validate requirements in a visual and interactive way that’s far more effective and efficient than traditional requirements methods.

The Most Powerful & Flexible Prototyping Tool Available. Period.

If you’re looking to prototype desktop, mobile or even wearable apps, iRise can take you from idea to amazing.

• Assemble interactive mockups in seconds

• Animation tools give unlimited potential

• Data and functionality widgets take you where others can’t

• Wow them with mobile and Apple watch simulations

• Mobile gestures, onscreen or on device, make the experience real

A Platform Built on Secure, Real-Time Collaboration, and it Shows…

Building software is a team sport. We provide the tools to allow a team of any size and location to collaborate effectively.

• Work as a team, and see changes in real time

• Publish and share instantly online or offline

• Enterprise-level security, so your data is safe

• Company-wide administration – give the right access

• Collaborate in a secure cloud-based infrastructure

Requirements for the Modern Age.
Interactive & In-context.

Capture, document and validate requirements the right way, by combining text requirements and prototyping together so you can experience it before you build it.

• Capture requirements and specifications for each screen and UI element directly within the prototype

• Start threaded conversations

• Integrate with the leading ALM tools

• Create interactive user flows, process diagrams, and use cases

• Instant documentation for customized requirements docs

Integrate iRise Seamlessly into your Unique Toolset.

Unlock the full potential of your team and the tools they use.  iRise new seamless integrations connect the iRise platform with the leading ALM tools.  This bi-directional synchronization of artifacts helps to ensure that the entire team – project management, definition, development and testing –  is focused on the right features.  The process dramatically improves productivity and collaboration. iRise integrations include:

If your team is using any of these tools, they should also be using iRise!

Our global professional services team will help you educate, innovate, and drive long-term success

We have worked with many of the most respected companies around the globe – from AT&T to Unilever – to help them maximize iRise success. With innovation workshops, adoption planning, program management, training, and team augmentation, the iRise Professional Services team is a critical partner that will help maximize your investment in iRise.

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We have plans for individual users, teams, small business, and enterprises.