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Start Your iRise Projects Off Right

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This Project Start Page* is designed to be a simple, lightweight, universal, and effective index for your iRise projects. It will live as the main launch point for each scenario in your simulation, allowing stakeholders to get a good idea of your project’s purpose before diving in.

In addition to managing each of your project’s scenarios, the Project Start Page allows you to manage your iRise stakeholders, related assets and review cycles. In addition to this core functionality, this Project Start Page also has a thorough help section to aid with simulation review, start page setup, and modeling resources.


To access and use this Project Start Page in your simulation:

  1. Download the iDoc titled “Project Start Page”
  2. Import the iDoc into your current project
  3. Open the page called “Start Page” and simulate by clicking the green play button
  4. Click the Help icon located in the top right of the Start Page header
  5. Explore “Using the Start Page” and “Setting up the Start Page” subtopics

We’d love to hear your feedback about this new Project Start Page on our community.


*Works with 8.11.2 and up.

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